New Practice Handbook: »Shock Waves in Sports Medicine«

»Shock Waves in Sports Medicine« (Level10 publishing house) is already the 8th volume in the »Shock Wave Therapy in Practice« book series. Edited by Prof Heinz Lohrer and Dr Tanja Nauck, the publication shows the range of applications of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in sports medicine and provides valuable insights.

2018 03 26 001 news

 All articles have been written by international shock wave experts, among them the current president of DIGEST (German-speaking International Association for Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) Prof Karsten Knobloch and the former ISMST president Dr Maria Cristina d'Agostino. In addition to articles about the application of focused and radial ESWT, the handbook also includes a well-informed overview of the clinical application of sonography for tendon injuries. Numerous colour illustrations and the clear structure facilitate understanding.

»Shock Waves in Sports Medicine« is available now and can be ordered from .

Prof Heinz Lohrer und Dr Tanja Nauck: »Shock Waves in Sports Medicine«; 308 pages; 68 EUR; Level10 Buchverlag; ISBN 978-3-945106-09-9



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